Project Common Round

Project Common Round
We  develop  a  prototype  of  an  argumentative dialogue  support  platform  called  Common Round which:

1.     allows to debate topics by giving pro or contra arguments and backing the arguments by evidence,

2.     structures and aggregate the semantic content of debates,

3.     provides background knowledge for the debate topic,

4.     provides crosslingual functionality which allows to translate debates and to search for background knowledge in other languages.

The key methodology is a combination of:

1.     eliciting semantic content and structure from the participants

2.     employing advanced language technologies for the extraction of semantic essence from their contributions and for the aggregation of the detected opinions, proposals, argumentations and evidence.

The envisaged platform will be evaluated in a restricted but realistic scenario. This evaluation will provide directions for further developments after the project in order to eventually reach at a marketable system.

The research and the development of the platform Common Round within the project All-Sides  is carried out by the Language Technology Labs of German Center of Artificial Intelligence (DFKI GmbH).

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany (01IW14002).